NECRO STELLAR "Krug-Koltso"(free cover version of MFA)

Yuri Zvezdniy vocals and:

Bass drum Polivox
Low bass Nord Modular
Synth bass 1 - Polivox
Synth bass 2 Korg poly-800
Organ 1 Aelita
Organ 2 Formanta EMS-01
Organ 3 Korg poly-61
Organ 4 Casio VZ-8M FM modul
Organ solo Opus
White Noise line 1 Ritm-2
White Noise line 2 Formanta EMS-01
White Noise line 3 Marsh drum modul
Pink Noise line Altair 230
LFO line 1 Electronica EM-25
LFO line 2 Polivox
LFO line 3 Altair 230
Solo synth 1 Korg MS-10
Solo synth 2 Roland MKS-80
Bells 1 Nord Modular
Bells 2 Yamaha DX-7
String 1 Yamaha VL-70
String 2 Yamaha A-3000
Blipper line 1 Polivox
Blipper line 2 Oberheim matrix 1000
Drum line 1 personal collection
Drum line 2 Rokton drum modul
Drum line 3 Formanta UDS
Drum line 4 Elsita drum modul
Percussion 1 - snoker
Percussion 2 Brass Iron Sheet
Percussion 3 - Zinc Iron Sheet
EFX: Dr. J. Gobels voice, Sound Idea collections, Hollywood Edge collection, 101 sound
digital EFX, Sound of Diff realm collection, Yuri Zvezdniys personal noise collections.