Only Moon

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The compilation of "Stereo & Video" magazine

Yuri Zvezdniy vocals, music, analog & digital synth, programming, elecrtro guitar, percussion, text.
Anastasia Podnebesnaya vocals, text edition.

1. Kick Polivox+ Formanta UDS
2. Low Lead in the first couplet - Polivox
3. Hi sequencer pulsation in the second couplet - Polivox
4. 1 Portamento pitch synth Ritm-2
5. 2 Portamento pitch synth Formanta EMS-01
6. String in the chorus Roland JV-2080
7. Viola in the chorus Roland XP-50
8. Guitar in the Chorus Eterna De lux
9. Goboy ih the chorus Ritm-1
10. 1 Bells in the chorus Nord Modular
11. 2 Bells in the chorus Yamaha DX-7
12. Tambourine personal collection
13. 1 SD Alesis D-4
14. 2 Dist SD Formanta UDS + Guitar amplifier
15. 3 Central couplet SD - personal collection
16. 4 Blipper SD Elsita UDS
17. 5 Wh. Ns SD Vermona DRM
18. 16 SD Marsh USD
19. Claps Alesis DM-5
20. Middle Hat - personal collection
21. 1 analog Hi Hat Formanta UDS
22. 2 Hi Hat Alesis DM-5
23. Crash line personal collection + Roland TR-626
24. Noise Crash Lel UDS
25. Brutal Crash personal collection
26. 1 & 2 FM percussion Casio VZ-8M
27. Lo-fi percussion EFX collection
28. 1 Radio noise EFX collection
29. 2 Radio noise EFX collection
30. 1 Mediator FX - EFX collection
31. 2 Mediator FX - EFX collection
32. Flute FX loop vinyl FX
33. Reversed Synth EFX Korg poly-800
34. Low tremolo Organ after the second couplet Formanta EMS-01
35. LFO modulation after the second couplet Ritm-2
36. Middle Synth Pulsation after the second couplet - Ritm-2
37. 1 Synth guitar Roland XP-50 + guitar amplifier
38. 2 Synth guitar Korg MS-2000 + guitar amplifier
39. Noise FX at the beginning Casio VZ-8M (FM Generator)
40. Slow noise in the end Altair 231
41. Central Synth Bass Nord Modular
42. Low Bass Casio VZ-8M (FM Generator)
43. Hi Filter Synth Roland SH-101
44. 1 Hi LFO line Electronica EM-25
45. 2 Hi LFO line Yunost -1132
46. Squarely Yamaha VL-70
47. 1 Organ line Aelita
48. 2 Organ line Vermona Formation-2
49. 3 Retro Organ line - Opus
50. 4 Solo Organ Korg poly-800
51. 1 Reversed EFX at the beginning Esko-100 Processor
52. 2 Reversed EFX at the beginning DL-301A Processor
53. Wh. Noise vocoder Nord modular
54. Middle vocoder Electronica EM-26
55. Woman FX at the beginning EFX collection
56. Feel Me Growl back voice Anastasia Podnebesnaia
57. Central voice in the first and second couplet Yuri Zvezdniy
58. Harmony back voice in the first and second couplet Yuri Zvezdniy
59. Dry and EFX voice in the third chorus Anastasia Podnebesnaia
60. Dry Back voice in the chorus Yuri Zvezdniy
61. Central voice in the chorus Digitech studio vocalist Harmony processor - Anastasia Podnebesnaia
62. Growl voice after the second couplet Yuri Zvezdniy
63. Low dist voice after the second couplet Yuri Zvezdniy
64. Moon is here voice Anastasia Podnebesnaia
65. Crow Dist voice Yuri Zvezdniy
66. Growl voice in the end Yuri Zvezdniy
67. Moon Growl voice Anastasia Podnebesnaia
68. 1 Back light drum loop Ritm-1
69. 2 Back light drum loop Vermona Formation-2
70. Hi Filter line Vermona Synthesizer
71. 1 Middle Filter line Polivox
72. 2 Middle Filter line Korg MS-10
73. 1 Pad Emu E-6400
74. 2 Pad Yamaha A-300
75. 3 Pad Absynth
76. 4 Pad Absynth

Written, recorded and mastered in December 2005 by Yuri Zvezdniy

© All rights reserved.
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Moon swims in your dreams sometimes turns into
Your ancestors dreams you can't notice
Forebears step the ground give birth to new moon
In Moon Light

Moon follows you
Moon keeps on you all-seeing eye

Moon enters the mirror has becoming
What it really is on the way out
Moon enters the water to unbounded
Space they flow

Moon follows you
Moon keeps on you all-seeing eye

Oh, Luna (4)

Luna, Luna turning round (4)


Moon is here (4)

Moon follows you
Moon keeps on you all-seeing eye
Luna, Luna turning round