"Laughter of children's toys"

-----------russian version-----------

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Director Anastasia Podnebesnaya
Sound-design, music, lyrics and arrangement Yuri Zvezdniy
Concept Yuri Zvezdniy, Anastasia Ponebesnaya
Preparation of the material Anastasia Podnebesnaya, Yuri Zvezdniy
Camera, Montage, Animation, Combined material Anastasia Podnebesnaya
Light Anastasia Podnebesnaya, Elena Ostahova, Marina Kovaleva.
Second Camera Gennadi Dorohov
Technical works Mekhail Varenko

Artists and photographs:
Alec Milanov, Sophia Ermolaeva, U.Korolev, Arno Mor, P.Miturich, Karla Krieg, Hugelmann, Gunthard Linde, Mark Shteibok, Hanno Rank, Mimmo Judice, Emil Kazaz, Peter Bruegel, Hermann Raddatz, Otto Pankok, Peter Ludvigs, M.Murazin, I.Heinonen , V.Zhidov, Joseph Sholi, Volfgang Shtadler and other artists and photographers, whoes names we do not know.

LYRICS (translation)

Innocent happiness in a small toy house
To hide deeply and set with fire
Memory rummages like garbage rat
In children's verses, but cannot read.
Walls trembled and just uncovered evening
Touches the snow with its darkened hand
Everyone once, everyone somewhere had it.
It was someday, but became ashes.

Crying of children's toys,
Honor of children's toys,
Sweetness of children's toys,
Revenge of children's toys.
It's painless...

The greedy bulldozer with empty eyes
Slowly crushes magic dreams.
The fur-tree ball on tired branch
Looks at the world and cannot leave.
In black aperture - my continuity
Is beating as forgotten little paper flag.
The strange secret of ridiculous sense
Will regard the night as an instant jump.

Groan of children's toys,
Shout of children's toys,
Crunch of children's toys,
Image of children's toys,

Rain of children's toys,
Essence of children's toys,
Speech of children's toys,
Way of children's toys.
It is possible to laugh...

The purulent rivers of rednecks constellations
Pompously flow in a blue foot store.
Suitable for life and suitable for death
Together are on bloody fire.
In this fire of saddened consciousnesses
Everyone finds his own hell.
The small toy house of your expectations
Meets decline in lackluster heart.

Night of children's toys,
Paradise of children's toys,
Roar of children's toys,
May of children's toys,
Crying of children's toys,
Beam of children's toys,
Clang of children's toys,
Key of children's toys,
Yard of children's toys,
Death of children's toys,
Ringing of children's toys,
Hardness of children's toys,
Day of children's toys,
Steel of children's toys,
Laziness of children's toys,
Distance of children's toys.
The fairy tale is not yours...

9 2010


Yuri Zvezdniy all instruments, music, vocal, programming, etc.
Anastasia Podnebesnaya vocal


1. 1 Synth Bass Nord Mod / Presonus S.C. / -1.
2. 2 Synth Bass Casio VZ-8M / Lider-1.
3. Finger Bass Roland juno-106 / Presonus ADL-600.
4. Hi Squarely Organ Korg poly-800 / Presonus S.C.
5. Middle SQR Organ Roland JV-2080 / Behringer T-1951/Sony SEH-310.
6. 1 Chorus Organ Alisa-1377(rack version)/Boss PS-5/ Sony SEH-310.
7. 2 Chorus Organ Alisa-1377 / Handmade Lamp Amp/Sherman Filterbank.
8. 3 Chorus Org. Ritm-2 / HM filter saturator/ Sony SHE-310.
9. 1 Organ at the end Nord Modular / EHM POG / Ibonez pm-7.
10. 2 Organ at the end Aelita / Sony SEH-310.
11. 3 Organ at the end Rithm-1 / Tesla DDL-1000/ Lamp HM Saturator.
12. 1 FM Bells Casio VZ-8M / Presonus ADL-600.
13. 2 FM Bells Yamaha VL-70 / Lider-1/ Jomox T-Rez.
14. 1 Organ in couplet Roland XP-50/ Lider-1/Esco-100/ Lamp Amp.
15. 2 Organ in couplet Formanta EMS-01 / Sony SEH-310.
16. 3 Organ in couplet Polivoks/Sherman Filterbank/Sony SEH-310.
17. Low Viola Roland JV-2080 / Presonus ADL-600.
18. Hi Viola Yamaha VL-70 / Lamp Amp / SCM-MK-1.
19. Middle Viola Ensoniq EPS-16 Plus/Roland SP-555.
20. 1 Organ loop at the end Rithm-2 / Lider-1/ HM Filter modulator.
21. 2 Organ loop at the end Unost 1132 / Behringer T-1951.
22. 1 Lo-fi String Korg Delta / Sony SHE-310.
23. 2 Lo-fi String Electronika -25 / Wide Road / Lamp Amp.
24. 1 Lo-fi Choir Yamaha A-300 / Presonus ADL-600.
25. 2 Lo-fi Choir Ensoniq EPS-16 plus.
26. Acoustic guitar Kremona / Presonus Studio Channel.
27. Rythm guitar Ibonez RG-7621 / CHAL Lamp SpeSim/ Boss XT-2 / MT-2 / Sans Amp GT-2.
28. 1 Riff guitar ADA MP-1 / Ibonez TS-909 / HM Distortion.
29. 2Riff guitar Soldano x88r / Maestro FZ-1S / CHAL PRL-402 Lamp.
30. Solo guitar at the beginning. SpeakSim / Sans Amp GT-2 / Brutalaizer/ Wide Road.
31. Melody in 2d chorus Engl 530 / TS-909 / Digitech Syn-Wah/ Univibe.
32. Back guitar in 3d chorus Soldano / Univox Sup Fuzz-70 / LF-7.
33. 1 guitar at the end CHAL PRL-402/ Maestro FS-1A / -100.
34. 2 guitar at the ends CHAL PRL-402/ Fuzz / -100.
35. 1 Octave riff in intervals ADA Lamp/ Boss OC-2/ Brut-zer/ filter modulator.
36. 2 Octave riff in intervals ADA MP-1Lamp / Boss OC-2/ Spectr-4 Fuzz / Esco-100 filters.
37. 3 Octave riff in intervals SpeakSim / Korg OCT-1 / Maestro FS-1B/ Wide Road.
38. Glissando support SpeakSim / HM Overdrive.
39. Flageolets CHAL PRL-402 Lamp / Red Stone Trem-shox.
40. Arpedgio guitar Engl 530 / Red Stone Trem-shox.
41. Finger running over the strings SpeakSim / Ibanez TS-9DX / Fulltone Ultimate Octave.
42. Solo in 3 chorus MesaBoogie V-Twin / VOX Tone Bender Germanium Fuzz V-829 / DFE-HM / Electronica FL-01.
43. Glissando solo at the end CHAL PRL-402 Lamp / Brutalaizer / MXR Blue Box Fuzz-Octave / Esco-100 filter/ Tesla ddl-1000.
44. 1. Delay EFX MesaBoogie V-Twin / GT-2/ DL-301A.
45. 2. Delay EFX MesaBoogie V-Twin / GT-2 / Jomox T-Rezonator.
46. 3. Delay EFX CHAL PRL-402 / Dunlop Octave Fuzz / DL-301A.
47. Fuzz Riff in second part of couplets - Soldano x88r / Maestro FS-1A / FS-1B / FZ-1S/ Ltava / Yamaha Q2031B.
48. Fuzz support in choruses - Soldano x88r / Univox Sup-Fuzz 70 / Unicord UniFuzz / Spectr-4 / Roland Double Beat AD-50.
49. 1, 2, 3 couplet Yuri Zvezdniy Hand Made Lamp Amp / Helicon Voice one / Yamaha Q2031B.
50. 1, 2, 3 choruses Anastasia Presonus S.C / Digitech Studio Vocalist.
51. Back Voice Imenno Tak - Yuri Zvezdniy
52. Back Voice Yu pomnu eto - Yuri Zvezdniy
53. Back Voice Da-da-da! - Yuri Zvezdniy
54. 1 Children's laugh recordings from kindergarden 1767.
55. 2 Children's laugh recordings from kindergarden 1343.
56. Children's games and squeal at the end recordings from kindergarden 1767.
57. 1 Whisper (male) after 3 couplet Sound Ideas EFX Collection.
58. 2 Whisper (female) after 3 couplet Sound Ideas EFX Collection.
59. Children's counting rhymes EFX Collection.
60. 1 Femail squeal EFX Collection.
61. 2 Femail squeal EFX Collection.
62. Fragments of hysterics Hollywood Edge SFX Collection.
63. Shouts Yuri Zvezdniy
64. Shouts fading in Yuri Zvezdniy
65. Back Voice - Yuri Zvezdniy
66. Breaths and other respiratory emotional fragments Yuri Zvezdniy
67. Conversation of people before 3 couplet EFX Collection.
68. Reversed squeal before 3 couplet EFX Collection.
69. "Out of breath" person after 3 refrains EFX Collection.
70. Laugh after 2 chorus EFX Collection.
71. Laugh in the final part EFX Collection.
72. Children before 3 couplet EFX Collection.
73. Children before 3 couplet recordings from kindergarden N1343.
74. Fade-In of human voices at the beginning EFX Collection.
75. Excitation and "starting" of springs in the reverb Sony SEH-310.
76. 1 Noise RND 1377 (rack version).
77. 2 Noise RND 1377 (rack version) / .
78. 1 Sound of a howling wind at the end EFX Collection.
79. 2 Sound of a howling wind at the end EFX Collection.
80. 3 Sound of a howling wind at the end EFX Collection.
81. 1 Hi-Hat Trowa.
82. 2 Hi-Hat Amati.
83. 1 Ride .
84. 2 Hi Ride Trowa.
85. The Cup in choruses .
86. Tambourine personal collection.
87. 1 Bell first prepared old alarm clock.
88. 2 Bell second prepared old alarm clock.
89. 3 Bell third prepared old alarm clock.
90. 4 Bell fourth prepared old alarm clock.
91. 5 Bells at the end Reflector.
92. Rock Kick personal collection.
93. Cardan personal collection.
94. Tom Bass Alesis D-4.
95. 1 Low Kick drum collection.
96. 2 Low-Mid Kick personal collection.
97. Low Tom personal collection.
98. 1 Analog Tom at the beginning Electronika EM-25.
99. 2 Analog Tom MAM ADX-1.
100. 1 Snare in the first part of couplet drum collection.
101. 2 Snare in the second part of couplet Alesis DM-5.
102. 3 Snare in the first part of chorus drum collection.
103. 4 Snare in the second part of chorus drum collection.
104. 1 Analog SD at the beginning Vermona.
105. 2 Analog SD at the beginning drum collection.
106. 1 Sticks in the first part drum collection.
107. 2 Sticks in the first part Alesis DM-5.
108. Rim shot personal collection.
109. Metal impacts in the second part of 1 couplet the zinced sheet / Hand Made Lamp Amp.
110. Crash Line after 1 couplet personal collection.
111. Reverse Crash personal collection.
112. 1 Crash in the first part Trowa.
113. 2 Crash in the first part Amati.
114. 3 Crash in the first part Sabian b-8.
115. 1 White Noise an. Crash Elsita.
116. 1 White Noise an. Crash at the end Formanta UDS.
117. Open noise Hat in couplets Trowa.
118. Percussion after 2 chorus Metal tanks for oil
119. Analog Ride MAM ADX-1.
120. Analog Click Roland R-8.
121. Percussion at the end Roland R-8 / -01.
122. Percussion loop at the end MAM ADX-1 / Tesla ddl-1000.