CD "Dissaturating Stellar Space" "Saturating Cemetery".

The double CD incl. the world tribute "Dissaturating Stellar Space" and the re-release of "Saturating Cemetery" album

TITLE: "Saturating Cemetery / Dissaturating Stellar Space"
FORMAT: 2xCD, jewel case
TRACKS: 10+15
BONUS TRACKS: 1 track + video
RELEASE DATE: 2008.05.15
STATUS: available

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Necro Stellar NECRO_STELLAR-Dissaturating_Stellar_Space_[Tribute]

The official re-release of the Saturating Cemetery cult album by NECRO STELLAR. The album has been brilliantly estimated all over the world and soon will be available again!

You can find the detailed information concerning the first release following this link:
Necro Stellar

2005 "Saturating Cemetery" NECRO STELLAR . , , - .
, "Saturating Cemetery", - "Dissaturating Stellar Space" - , : ASTRALASIA (UK), STEINKIND (Ger), ENDRAUM (Ger), ROPPONGI ING. PROJECT (Rus), THE SECT (USA), HYPNOSKULL (Belg), NEIKKA RPM (USA), MIND: AREA (Ger), XEBOX (Ger), SIGILLUM S (It), BLEIBURG (Ger), CISFINITUM (Rus), ULTRA MILKMAIDS (Fr). , , - .

NECRO STELLAR fans! The world tribute to NECRO STELLAR was released 15 May 2008. The double disk is the re-release of Saturating Cemetery album containing Tachyon Spiral graphic video in its bonus section. The second disk DISSATURATING STELLAR SPACE consists of remixes and cover versions by the most interesting bands from all over the world. The album is available in musical stores or you can order it on the web site of Shadowplay label. It is also possible to get the album with real autographs by the band members. Send the request to the bands administrator to make the order.

Review by Mick Mercer

I think the reason I find albums like the partial Whispers In The Shadow remix collection reviewed yesterday too ordinary to get excited about is because its unlikely to present much in the way of surprises, or thrills. Where you have a fairly robust and orthodox band which leaves remixes pulling and squeezing, theres nothing too much likely to happen that we havent witnessed before. With a band like Necro Stellar its different because some of the artists doing the remixing may never have had work like this to exhume and perform musical autopsies upon. It also makes a genuine classic album available again as this is a double CD set containing the original release, so if you ignored it first time around dont miss out again.
A spaceship where the alien occupants dance the night away crashes in a remote Russian forest and absorbs centuries of tradition, then sets about weaving occult themes about in ways only they understand. Thats sort of the picture you need to contemplate, only its more fun and ambitious than that.
The albums all here plus one bonus track and an occult video which my pc didnt recognise. Slip into the steamy, chunky title track (Saturating Cemetery) which opens side one, with its percussive traits more martial arts than martial, and youre away. A feverish dance track, it vibrates weirdly and cuts abruptly to bird noise and from thereon in you get a truly mesmerising mixture of vicious dance sounds, cut alongside intoxicating ambient ghosts from a rural history. Its unusual, incisive and utterly captivating. Theyve added one bonus, in the cool and trim dance tremors of The Little Song For The Little Devil.
Being slightly weird the CD of remixes covers their overall existence instead of concentrating solely on this record! Theres even tracks on here I havent heard yet from their new album Red Beast as well as classy groundshakers from the brilliant Pulsing Zero. The title track gets five filthy onslaughts from Astralasia (twice, including some lovely dub tendencies), Roppongi Ing. Project, the threshing android palpitations of Xebox and Bleiburg, who sound like Dvar trapped in Cairo, and all of these are capable of flitting from misty to murderous. Only Moon crops up three times, by Steinkind (playful technopunk), Hypnoskull (underground dance) and Neikka RPM (twinkly demonics).
Of individual tracks the Sweetness remix by Endraum is wonderfully sensitive, with bold contours, On the River is damned with clinical rhythm shifts by The Sect and dense bass seething. Equation of Autumn Equinox is whisked up delightfully by Astralasia, Mind: Area do a suitably restful, piquant take on Novena, and Sigillum S are one of the few to go for the empty and abstract with the slowly twisted Mata Luna. Only Cisfinitum are band enough to tackle the almighty Satellite of Satan when I would have imagined that to be everybodys first choice, and instead of plumping for the delirious qualities in contains they create a pastoral, chilled thing of mega-charm which is as bewilderingly good as it is unexpected. The bizarrely named Ultra Milkmaids fill Tachyon Spiral out with subliminal swellings, whereby a strange record comes to a strange conclusion, not that there can actually be a conclusion.
This one works, given the broad spread of material available, the room in which people can move, and the layers people can begin shifting around. It also serves to emphasise just how good the songs are. Bend them, distort them and they spring back limber and strong.


1. Fuck the Red 1 [(Red Beast) Trance version] Rmx by ASTRALASIA (UK)
2. Only Moon. Rmx by STEINKIND (Ger)
3. Sweetness of pain (Sweetness) Rmx by ENDRAUM (Ger)
4. Red Beast. (Hard times ) Rmx by ROPPONGI ING. PROJECT (Rus)
5. Fuck the Red 2 [(Red Beast) Dub version] Rmx by ASTRALASIA (UK)
6. N. I. L. (Enail. part 1. On the River) Rmx by THE SECT (USA)
7. Only Moon. Rmx by HYPNOSKULL (Belg)
8. Equation of Autumn Equinox. (Toad DJ mash up) Rmx by ASTRALASIA (UK)
9. Only Moon. Rmx by NEIKKA RPM (USA)
10. Novena Rmx by MIND: AREA (Ger)
11. Red Beast. Cover by XEBOX (Ger)
12. Mata Luna. Rmx by SIGILLUM S (It)
13. Red Beast. Rmx by BLEIBURG (Ger)
14. Satellite of Satan. Rmx by CISFINITUM (Rus)
15. Tachyon Spiral. Cover by ULTRA MILKMAIDS (Fr)

The bands involved in the bonus section:












The re-release of the album is carrying out by SHADOWPLAY label