This is the exclusive interview with Yuri Zvezdniy (NECRO STELLAR) for the Netherlands internet journal -

1. Ruud - How did you come up with the name of your band.necro stellar? Who are the current members of the band?

Yuri Zvezdniy: I wanted to connect a posthumous condition and certain allegorical, probably fantastic illustrative aspect of the eternity; I mean to make a reference to the space. The line up of the band is the following: I make all music, arrangements etc, bring the conception in the life, Anastasia sings female parts and is engaged in doing video design for music videos and the movie we are making now; Alex Sect plays is the concert drummer. Sometimes Evgeniy Voronovskiy from Cisfinitum band records violin. His violin parts have been used in album “Pulsing Zero” in tracks - Novena, Satellite of Satan and upcoming album “Red Beast” – Dlo Kwala Manyan 1 & 2 Version.

2. Ruud – tell me more about your albums.

Yuri Zvezdniy: The world wide tribute had been released this spring, and two days ago in Japan was released “Pulsing Zero 1995-1997” album. It contains a row of exclusive remix tracks by Japanese bands. We also expect “Red Beast” to be released in Russia in January. As far as possible we plan to release this album in Europe if we find the label to suit us. The matter is that the album “Red Beast” is poorly interesting to me now. I wanted it to contain and finish all my former. “Former” I mean the experiments with the electronic music oriented toward people who are fond of Electro/industrial. The tracks of this album illustrate my transpersonal experience of development. Spiritual experiences directed at myself and carried out for myself, which are intelligible only to me and my surroundings, especially to the narrow group o people. This is the individual comprehension of the reality which is far from the conditions and problems of modern vital life. I do not regard the transcendental way of development to be acceptable any more, as the powers I receive are too much to be squeezed within the frames of an occult concept of highly specialized, individualistic coordinate system. From the musical point of view this album is the demonstration of steepness, which is typical for me. I wanted to show to myself how it is possible to record a difficultly structured electronic music on authentic equipment with a saturated sound and arrangement. It was interesting to me to record 200 tracked parts in 160-180 bpm and make each instrument activated in its frequency zone, total audibility, rich range of expression etc.
I wouldn’t records such album now. It will probably be interesting to somebody. Anyhow, everything I do is somehow valuable for me. I’m more fond of the new material, which has been recording basing on principle of shamanic kamlanie and other trance practices, which I use during the recording, particularly when doing vocals and make my body totally off, when I merge my spirit with the highest achievements of my cosmic “self”.

3. Ruud - Can you give us any idea on what we should expect from this future piece of work?

Yuri Zvezdniy: Currently I’m engaged in recording the very important for me program album which will be named “the expanding Universe 1988-2008” It will consist of songs written in 1988-2008. The work is almost done. The high top priority of the album for me is the pedagogy and education of young generation born after 1985. The modern generation does not suit me even within frameworks of subculture and those principles leading them are disgusting for me. That’s why I want to find the very specific audience, pure and deprived of consumer way of thinking and action, not glamour, whose brain is not fucked up by Hollywood and hateful American system of course. Stylistically it is rather versatile psychedelic garage-rock retro album having nothing common with idiotic youth’s styles, including gothic style and other strange to my consciousness things, which are constantly attributed to me and where my project is unsuccessfully tried to be squeezed in.
For the bonus section of the album we are aimed to involve now the most interesting for us bands from Japan, Germany, Norway, Denmark and Russia. The album will be supported by the hour-long movie about the history and the actual activity of NECRO STELLAR. This is very serious and important work for us. The movie will narrate not only about the band and what do they “respire” with, the big attention will be given to the phenomenon of the time, spiritual possibilities of people and what is the music in its original. To be short – we want to tell about things that were not told in Addendum and ZeitGeist.

4. Ruud - Do you have any ready-made ideas on how you want necro stellar to develop a musical project or it’s really left to inspiration? What musical influences would you say were crucial as inspiration for the shaping of the necro stellar sound? And current influences?

Yuri Zvezdniy: Thank you for the interesting question. Sure, it is. I always work out a strategy of the course and clearly understand how each album might be estimated and interpreted by different social groups. If it concerns the band so the strategy is still consists of hierarchical principle of reporting the information up to the probable listener. The most approached persons have fuller representation about the informative essence of what the author wants to inform about. Then follow those who receive a myth, a key for access in a special sensual world or group of worlds which declare and transpose in the daily life things that stand up for music. The lowest steps of a ladder are taken by those who simply listen to the music for an esthetic or other pleasure. And this is what constantly happens. Here I express a certain sad ascertaining. Unfortunately, such state of affairs is difficult to be removed, and for the sake of it I’m recording the new album in which I hope to realize a qualitatively other principle - a principle of transfer of knowledge from one person to another. It is the direct transfer with no hitting upon the ideas and unnecessary sensual associations. It is the transfer of knowledge directed from one body of light to another. It should operate by a wave principle, a certain chain reaction, instant transfer of a “light-pencil” without breach, with all the following. I think it’s clearly. It is necessary to pay attention to these words to people who will listen to the album «the Extending universe » after a while.
At present I would like to present people such album which would give them the necessary information at once. This should be «The Extending universe 1988-2008». What does the information consists of? It consists of immediate awakening of a body of light and a central heart chakra as the receptacle of the spiritual body. The personal way of self-development, no less than the personal rescue is senseless here. I’m going to use this work to connect myself with the universe on my spiritual standard and its new opportunities. As to inspiration, I can say that it has no sense for me at all, I’m far from the romanticism and I do not subject myself to spontaneous changes on the part of an environment. I got used to program it myself, but not to depend on it. I can flex myself depending on the situation up to the certain limit, however strategy has been actual for any terrestrial case. How does the limit measured with? Only with the requirement.
I’m answering the following question.
To avoid division of the “musical factor” on styles and degrees of their influence it is necessary to determine music on three basic categories at the moment of its origin and to allocate a degree of its importance for the conscious and unconscious human activity. The first category from the position of the historical priority consists in domination of a rhythm above a melodic component. It is the first-born shamanic trance as the first element of the music origin. The melody occurs from the structure of a repeating rhythm. Within the frameworks of music as the shamanic practice the form takes secondary importance, the melody has also not importance and even rhythm has the accompanying sense. So where the sense contains in? It contains in the changing of the comprehension condition. If the basic link is pure such psychedelic experience leads to spiritual practice and fast realization. Of’ course, such musical form is available only for the initiated and those who reaches it himself, searches for it, for those, who regard music as the way of development. Of’ course, unfortunately, and more likely - fortunately, it is not accessible for the masses and the national cattle. The second category may be named as following: music is the melody for the sake of melody, beauty for the sake of beauty. In this case the illusive sole delight is deduced on the foreground. Actually it is the original satanism, the refined distortion, division of the form and the contents. The second category contains major part of classic music, except the component which was written without division of an internal essence and contents. The second category is being esteemed by the esthetic human individuals.
The third category is the most stable. It is possible to be described as music being the element of a breeding dance; the balance of animal senses on the level of the first and the second sexual chakra. Here we find both a rhythm, and a simple melody. This is what is popular among the national cattle – wide range of people. This category easily involves all modern pop music scene, the main part of the folklore and almost all of modern degenerated underground music of nowadays, consisting mainly of a song structure a and couplet-refrain link. Modern Rock music, mainstream, gothic and ebm, club and club-like electro, punk etc. - are mainly involved too, as these styles have managed to degenerate and cease to develop in the mid ninetieth. Such "Musicians", and actually degenerated, spiritually castrated ugly creatures, the musical prostitutes living due to sexual energy of the fans from the national herd - are the important attribute to me on the way of my perfection. All of them, no less than the show business, - are necessary for the special ritual of an instant realization. Their dirty and plurality, illusory success, swinish thirst to survive in any way, promotes constant compression of a ring around me, and when it attacks me it forces me to make an instant realization, simultaneously in all my current embodiments. The sansara is necessary... in all its variety and plurality. These are rules of the game.
Approximating the aforesaid, I can say, that I can be influenced only be the music which comprises the Spirit. And now it becomes much less than before. Thus, degeneration of one promotes perfection of others. whom? – of the acquainted and the initiated. Degenerative-parasitic motivations of people are not contained at all within the framework of this or that building, social attitudes or moral installations. They are contained in the time modality, in the attitude to the personal time which is the Spirit in its original sense and nothing more. So I am influenced by the united indivisible Spirit, the startless whole, which is shown in different (almost all) elements of the surrounding visible and invisible world and in musical forms too. Pureness of understanding and vision of the Spirit for me can be expressed by the special transcription – by the music of NECRO STELLAR.

5. Ruud - Historicaly, what can you tell us about the beginnings of necro stellar how and why did you come about starting necro stellar? what else inspires you to create? can you give an introduction necro stellar? and when was necro stellar formed and what inspired you to create the band?

Yuri Zvezdniy: I started to be engaged in music in 1988-1989. That time I composed romantic songs, I felt necessity for the prompt realization. However this realization did not come. It rather depressed me. I felt myself unworthy the idols. I continued to fill myself for a while with different necessary information wished by the consciousness of my perfection. I had been constantly looking, reading and listening, constantly filling and absorbing. Then, as it usually happens, it has released me and I began my own creation and have joined the general work. I have originally created the band to express my internal nature on the musical field, and after I began to create music which I could listen myself and which would completely suit me. Than I gradually began to regard the music as the continuation of my occult and others practices. Now I regard music as the expression to the extending universe belonging of all living essences, I mean the direct participation which occurs every minute here and now.
Now let’s talk about “what else has inspired me”. I’m inspired by my own time, which is the constant field of my spiritual body activity. Time is being regarded not as the straight line, such time can be simultaneously too little and too much. The time of the spiritually awoken person can be regarded as a finished connection of the past, the present and the future concentrated into one moment. It forms a special circle of integrity of the self. In this case, waves of time bring to a coast of a life only what is necessary for the own service and realization. The rest has been thrown away: the unnecessary people hanging about around, different sansaric bullshit, and all that is defective and pity - the defective music, pity press- and film-production, everything that contains no internal force of spiritual awakening, - has been fucked away.

6. Ruud - Why the name necro stellar? Does it have any particular symbolic meaning? Tell us about your unique style of music and who are your major influences?

Yuri Zvezdniy: There are not many worthy artists who could inspire me. I can only repeat here what I usually say: 100 % of what is being produced within the framework of a so called art in the world - I perceive and regard only 1% or 2%. This is the statistics.
The main inspirer is the completeness which is shown in the absence of the word "I am", abolition and leveling of everything that is connected to personal consciousness and egoism in the global sense.

7. Ruud - How do you feel about the issue of people downloading music and sharing music on the internet? How does necro stellar see the future many people want to share the work of artists for free or spread illegal copies?

Yuri Zvezdniy: I think that it is the nowadays reality, and there is no any desire to resist it or agree with it. It is important to understand that money within the framework of a show business and musical prostitution will not disappear, and will simply pass on other level. The concerts and show participation will become the main earnings. The destiny of so-called "underground" is more pitiable, but it’s not my business. I look upwards, instead of in a bottom, therefore the further information explosions and an era of the musical free-of-charge communism, which millions of teenagers dream about, does not concern me. If within the framework of the musical prostitution culture, expressing sexual instinct by means of songs, such phenomenon as the album becomes only a part of promo, so for me any of my action, starting from fluctuating the strings and finishing with an unprecedented condition of the blowing up consciousness at the moment of recording a songs, will not lose its importance.

8. Ruud - What ideas, movements and personalities would you say were crucial for the definition and development of necro stellar as a creative entity?

Yuri Zvezdniy: It is difficult for me to speak about it as people naming themselves with this or those big words are frequently lose themselves, degenerate and do not pass the check by time.
The decisive influencing idea for me at present can be named as the idea of the space-out spirit condition.

9. Ruud - Can you bring us up-to-date with necro stellar? Are you working on new material etc? Anything else you would like our readers to know about necro stellar?

Yuri Zvezdniy: Yes, exactly. I usually spend 6-8 hours per day working with a new material. It’s what I love, and what have I trained myself with.
As for NECRO STELLAR – so it is possible to tell so: NECRO STELLAR is the smallest particle of the flying light, so small and not significant for the whole, as far as one of a lunar dust pieces can be small, or last breaking up atom of a quark, the smallest particle of space got into a tachyon spiral of an antimatter. And this particle of light left in the ocean of the universe says you now: the inversion of the space – the eternally flaring light. Far and wide and everywhere. Everywhere and here.

10. Ruud - What do you think of its intermingling with the ebm/dark/goth/electro-industrial scenes? It has been a pleasure to interview you on your musical activity,Well, any last words to your ebm-industrial fans?

Yuri Zvezdniy: Please understand me correctly. I am not inclined to rank the project, as any styles. I can play and I play in different styles. It’s just like socks for me, as you know. My style refers to - a psychodelic method of comprehension of unrealizable dreams. A gothic style and ebm are too narrow for me. To understand it better, let's imagine that we have created a certain progressive idea within the framework of which we are starting to operate, create music, wear clothes, publish magazines, create clubs, position ourselves, etc. We materialize this idea in the verbal form and thus declare the society about ourselves. But time flows and our idea becomes to be poured in with other people who use our idea, having nothing internally common with it. Then we understand that we can not protect the idea from strange intrusion and profanation, but we keep on doing, assuring everyone that we are the founders, ideologists and proprietors of it. Finally we absolutely lose the control, and our sacred child appears to be trambled by pigs. Hope you understand me. That’s why I prefer to stay pure and out of any youth’s currents, especially to those which tend to degenerate quickly. I have my own way and got used to use styles, not to belong to them. They are not worthy it, really, trust me...
The last words I would like to say to the fans are: I wish all of you to inflame so, as far as your spirit will cope with. To approach this moment shout now in all throat: Yarila – give the fire!

11. Ruud - In closing this interview,we'd like to thank you for your time. do you have any final words or requests? any last words for www.ebm-industrial. nl

Yuri Zvezdniy: I would like to thank you, Ruud, for those perfect questions which you have prepared for me.
I wish you Ruud, all visitors of your perfect web site and all fans from Netherlands - all the best and success in all undertakings in the new 2009.
Stay with NECRO STELLAR. I shall be always with you.

Yuri Zvezdniy
15 December 2008.